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Cambistat ®

Cambistat ® is a product we are very excited about at Wellnitz Tree Care! There are a number of benefits from this plant growth regulator, which is safely applied by soil injections. Cambistat ® is a plant growth regulator which slows the vegetative growth of trees, gently and predictably, for up to three years.

Why would you want to regulate growth of a tree?

Cambistat Injection of Historic Oak
Cambistat ® injection of a historic Bur Oak in Council Grove KS.

The mature size of trees is typically underestimated at the time of planting and many trees eventually become too large for the spaces where they were planted. By reducing growth you may reduce the risk of property damage and reduce the cost of future maintenance of the tree. With Cambistat ® Wellnitz Tree Care can reduce the canopy growth 40-70% over a three year period. This will help maintain the appearance of your landscape, reduce required pruning, prevent overcrowding and competition, maintain vista views, and minimize the unwanted pruning from power companies.

There are also favorable side effects of reducing growth which include: drought and disease resistance, increased root growth, and greener leaves. A tree that has had a Cambistat ® treatment is still producing the same amount of energy as a tree that has not had a treatment, but since that energy is not going into shoot growth, the plant uses that energy defense against insects and disease.

Are there risks to pets or children?

Cambistat ® is applied as a soil injection so there is no risk of over spray. We recommend waiting 30 minutes before letting children and pets back into the yard, however there is no such requirement given by the makers.

Click here for a Fact Sheet from Rainbow Tree Care, the makers of Cambistat ®, for pictures of treated and untreated trees and more information about the benefits provided

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