Tree Disease & Insect Control

We use an integrated approach to keep your trees healthy.

The best place to start your quest for healthy trees is to plant trees and bushes that are disease and insect-resistant. However sometimes we have to play with the hand we are dealt. If you are already struggling with disease, insect, or pests on your trees, we can help.

Through our ArborThrive Program, we complete periodic inspections to detect disease and insects before they reach damaging levels. Our certified arborists also perform individual site inspections if you notice pests on your plants. We treat plants when it becomes necessary and offer conventional pesticide treatments as well as organic options for many pests. 


Numerous types of insects cause plant damage and attack plants from the roots to the leaves and everywhere in between. Not all insects are bad however, many are beneficial including predatory insects and pollinators.

Wellnitz Tree Care will help identify and destroy the bad insects while protecting the good guys. 

Common pest insects we treat: 

Wellnitz Tree Care provides complete and holistic care for tree disease and insect issues.
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