Storm Damage Clean Up

Severe weather can happen at a moment's notice, in Kansas, and around the country.

At Wellnitz Tree Care, our certified arborists can help you get back to normal life with rapid response clean-up. We clean up everything from a few branches, to an entire tree. No matter where it fell, Wellnitz Tree Care has the experience and equipment to safely remove any debris and storm damage, including crane removal.

We will work with your insurance provider and make sure the job gets done right and in a timely manner. 

Hire The Professionals At Wellnitz Tree Care

Storm Damage can be very dangerous to clean up without proper experience, training, and knowledge. Fallen limbs can be under significant pressure and can pinch saw blades or spring back injuring the operator or bystanders. Logs can also roll once the stabilizing limbs are cut, resulting in crushing injury. Wellnitz Tree Care recommends letting our professional arborists clean up the damage. If the tree is salvageable, we can make the correct pruning cuts to help the tree thrive.

Reduce Storm Damage by Pruning Before Storms

There is a risk of broken limbs with any tree, but in many instances, storm damage can be greatly reduced or eliminated by proper pruning and maintenance. Wellnitz Tree Care certified arborists can make reduction cuts on overweight limbs at risk of breaking. We can also trim branches away from structures to further reduce the risk damage or injury.

Wellnitz Mobile Response Crew

Wellnitz sends crews to storm-damaged areas around the U.S. to assist with cleanup. In the past, crews have worked in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas to assist with hurricane recovery.

We work for insurance companies removing tree debris off of houses and structures. Not only does this benefit the homeowners, but our crews also gain years of valuable experience in a few days time.

Learn more about tree restoration after storm damage. 

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