Tree Restoration

Wellnitz Restores Trees

Soil compaction from foot and vehicle traffic and lack of nutrients from landscape practices lead to dying branches, off-color leaves, and general tree decline. If these symptoms are caught early, the Certified Plant Health Care Technicians at Wellnitz Tree Care can reverse the decline and rejuvenate the tree’s health. Air spading and vertical mulching techniques we use to reinvigorate old trees.

Wellnitz also uses techniques to restore trees after damage from a traumatic event such as a storm or an accident.

Air Spading

Air spading is used to alleviate compacted soils around the root zone of the tree. Wellnitz Tree Care uses an Air Spade® which produces a jet of supersonic air traveling at Mach II. This tool breaks apart compacted soils while having no effect on non-porous items like tree roots, pipes, or other buried items. We then add compost back to the soil to reintroduce nutrients that have been stripped away over the years. We have seen great results with this technique, and trees that we would have otherwise removed are looking healthy today! 

Vertical Mulching

Vertical mulching alleviates compact soils around the root zone like Air Spade®, but is less involved. Wellnitz Tree Care drills two inch wide holes several inches deep in a grid around your tree. This alleviates soil compaction but to a lesser degree than an Air Spade®. We then fill the holes with compost, creating pockets of natural nutrients. 

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