Tree Removal

Safe Technical Tree Removal

Although our first priority is keeping trees healthy, some circumstances require tree removal. In the case of dead trees, declining trees, or a tree growing too close to structures, Wellnitz Tree Care can remove any tree, big or small.

We typically use bucket trucks but can use cranes if necessary. Wellnitz Tree Care’s certified arborists can even remove trees in areas with restricted access by climbing. We have years of experience safely and efficiently removing trees. We pride ourselves on cleaning up our mess and leaving your yard better than we found it.

Wellnitz Tree Removal Services

Complete Removal and Clean Up

This is the Wellnitz standard service that includes removal of the tree, raking of your yard, and hauling off the tree.

Drop and Leave

Wellnitz removes the tree, but the homeowner is responsible for clean up. Drop and leave is the most economical option for the homeowner.

Firewood Service

For an extra fee, Wellnitz can cut all the wood into firewood size pieces.

Stump grinding

Wellnitz will grind the stump, leaving a hole that can be filled with soil. This service is priced separately.

Wellnitz Stump Grinding And Removal

Wellnitz Tree Care is equipped to grind out any size stump, in any location. We take the utmost care for your property and surrounding area of the stump as to make sure we leave your lawn as untouched and beautiful as possible. We further adhere to a “Call Before You Dig” policy for the safety of all involved. Unlike many stump removal companies, we offer a complete clean up service.

There are hazards associated with leaving stumps in the ground, such as tripping over exposed roots or damaging your mower.

We tailor each estimate to the client’s needs. We’re proud to provide complete tree care services for the Emporia and Topeka area! 

Try Our ArborThrive Plant Health Care Program

ArborThrive is a comprehensive plant health care program for trees and shrubs. The goal of the ArborThrive program is to keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come through preventive care and maintenance.

ArborThrive addresses potential problems on your property and offers proactive treatments. A proactive approach to managing trees is best, because a reactive approach can be too late.

Trees are susceptible to secondary infections or infestations if primary stressors are not addressed. Multiple, compounding issues kill most trees rather than one single issue. Each issue should be addressed as it arises. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent a downward spiral, ultimately resulting in death of the tree. 

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