Wellbeing By Wellnitz

There are no shortcuts in tree health. At Wellnitz, we are raising the standard for tree care by making tree health the primary goal and always doing what is right for our customers and the trees under our care.

ArborThrive Plant Health Care Program

ArborThrive is a comprehensive plant health care program for trees and shrubs. The goal of the ArborThrive program is to keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come through preventive care and maintenance.

ArborThrive addresses potential problems on your property and offers proactive treatments. A proactive approach to managing trees is best, because a reactive approach can be too late.

Trees are susceptible to secondary infections or infestations if primary stressors are not addressed. Multiple, compounding issues kill most trees rather than one single issue. Each issue should be addressed as it arises. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent a downward spiral, ultimately resulting in death of the tree.