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Tree Planting & Replacement

Tree Planting can be tricky business, from choosing the perfect tree to choosing the optimal location, Wellnitz Tree Care certified arborists are here to help! Our arborists will assist you in choosing the best tree to meet your needs, whether for shade, privacy, energy reduction, or aesthetics.

The most important part of selecting a tree is verification that the tree matches the planting site. Many people plant trees without ever thinking about the mature size of the tree. Trees are planted too close together, too close to buildings, or too close to power lines. Overlooking these considerations can significantly shorten the life of the tree, and greatly increase the future costs of maintenance. Wellnitz Tree Care will make sure your trees are arranged on your property to look good today and tomorrow.

Wellnitz Tree Care buys the trees we plant from nursery stock grown locally in Kansas. We inspect each tree for damage and overall health, and If trees don’t meet our standards, we will return them to the nursery. We can get a number of different species in multiple sizes depending on your needs and budget. Our arborists will plant your perfect tree at the right depth, check for and remove girdling roots, and mulch and steak the new planting. We can also provide a Treegator® watering bag to ensure just the right amount of water is provided to your new tree.

As the saying goes “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today”.

Ask us about our 1 year replacement guarantee!


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