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Tree Disease and Insect Control

Disease and Insect Control

Wellnitz Tree Care uses an integrated approach to keep your trees healthy. The first step to healthy plants is cultural management i.e. planting trees and shrubs that are resistant to common disease and insect pathogens. Another type of cultural management is making sure soil health is in good condition. With our ArborThrive Program we will do periodic inspections to detect disease and insects before they reach damaging levels. Wellnitz Tree Care will also do individual site inspections if you notice pests on your plants. We can treat plants if it become necessary. We offer conventional pesticide treatments as well as organic options for many pests.


Disease is caused by fungi, bacteria, and environmental stress. Diseases can be difficult to diagnose, however accurate diagnosis is critical for effective treatment.

Iron Chlorosis
Before and after picture of iron chlorosis.

Some common diseases we face are:

Some diseases that are not in our area yet but are on the horizon include:

  • Oak wilt (a serious disease in Kansas but not prevalent in the Emporia or Topeka areas)
  • Bur oak blight (BOB)
  • 1000 cankers disease on walnut
    gymnosporangium rust
    Gymnosporangium rust on a cedar tree.


Numerous types of insects cause plant damage and attack plants from the roots to the leaves and everywhere in between. Not all insects are bad however, many are beneficial including predatory insects and pollinators. Wellnitz Tree Care will help identify and destroy the bad insects while protecting the good guys.

Some common pest insects we see are:

  • Emerald ash borer (This one is of great concern and in Kansas although not yet discovered in Emporia or Topeka. We are currently preemptively treating for this pest.)
  • Bagworms
    Disease and Insect
    Lady Beetle larva, one of the good guys. Click the picture to see a video of a lady beetle larva eating an aphid.
  • Borers
  • Pine sawfly
  • Tent caterpillars
  • Scale insects
  • Aphids

Wellnitz Tree Care provides complete and holistic care for tree disease and insect issues. If pests are present on your trees please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help manage any issues that may arise.



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