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Grapple Truck Services

If you have a big job with lots of debris, a grapple truck is just the piece of equipment you need.

Grapple truck Emporia Topeka
Our truck staged in Florida after a hurricane.

This truck is very helpful when cleaning up large tree removals, storm damage, or other debris. With a 68-yard truck and 60-yard trailer combo, we can pick up the largest messes. We use our truck for local jobs as well as out of state jobs such as hurricane clean up.

For those unfamiliar with a grapple truck, imagine you had a bear claw machine attached to your truck. The difference is once you grab something with this claw, it won’t let go until you want it to. While grapple trucks are expensive they are very efficient. So efficient in fact, they can drastically cut the time of the job and thereby reduce the total price.

Grapple truck in Emporia and Topeka
Cleaning up debris.

If you need grapple truck services, contact us for pricing. If you have questions if this is the right piece of equipment for your job, we can help you make that determination as well.

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