Category: General Tree Care

Safety First

Tree trimming or removal is dangerous work. Arborists have accident rates 10 times greater than the all-industry average, however, based on emergency room statistics, homeowners are

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Construction Damage

Construction Damage Kills Trees Construction Damage is any injury that occurs to a tree during or because of any construction process including demolition, site preparation,

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Watering Trees

Questions we frequently get about watering trees are “how much do I need to water”, or even “should I water my trees?” The answers are it

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Summer Branch Drop

It has been hot and dry recently with no major storms to speak of, so why have we been so busy cleaning up “storm damage”?

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Cedar-Apple Rust

What is that orange ball on your cedar tree, or those red spots on your apple or pear tree? It is cedar-apple rust or some other

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Spraying Fruit Trees

In spring, we often have customers ask about spraying fruit trees. If you have a home orchard or a single fruit tree, this will article

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Pine Problems

Pine trees are not native to Kansas, however they have been planted for use in windbreaks and as ornamentals. Pines in Kansas are susceptible to environmental

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